Great Work Environment – A plus for the well-being

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23 March, 2023
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16 April, 2023

Great Work Environment – A plus for the well-being

If on the one hand the economy undergoes a rapid change, on the other, the offices in many companies have little or nothing evolved.

For many firms the office boils down to long dark corridors, four walls, a table, a chair and a computer… after all a corner to fulfill their obligations.

Are companies aware that most workers spend more time in the workplace than at home? And what important potentials are not harnessed or encouraged?

Nowadays, the office is no longer just a place to fulfill the duties and workers are no longer just a cost factor, they are the tool that contributes to the development and competitiveness of the company. The office is a living space in which the work environment must convey the image and reflect creativity. Promoting originality, motivation and performance, requires specific ideas and office concepts.

Life quality and wellness environment in the office, is becoming more and more a key factor, because those who will be most of the time at work no longer only question how much they will earn! But also in what environment they will be inserted! Office design can be a major contribute to “work-life-balance” and have stimulating effects.

A decisive factor for the well-being and performance of the office users, are the so-called “soft success factors”, that is to say, design is a major factor. Office design acts as a vehicle of job satisfaction as well as the well being of its users. The goal should therefore be to create a well-designed work environment with cheerful colors, suitable materials, functional, ergonomic and representative.

Quality of well-being in the office is not just for selfish use. Someone who likes to go to work and feels good in this space, fulfills more, does not get sick so often, is a more dedicated and creative collaborator for the company. Employees want to have more pleasure at work! Those who feel good, become more creative and productive, and this is a fact confirmed by more and more entrepreneurs. Better quality of life at the workplace and a planned space design not only bring satisfaction and well-being, but also contribute greatly to increased productivity.

How can companies create an enjoyable workspace for their employees?

It is important that alongside the functionality, emotional stimulation is also created.

Through more quality of movement, specific use of light, use of inspiring colors and so-called social areas, where employees meet to share their experiences at coffee-break. These areas, where there are chairs should be comfortable and energetic; the “Meeting points” increase the motivation and thus the productivity of the workers.

The tendency is for more and more companies to install “wellness”, areas with zones of relaxation and rest and possibility of some free time to eliminate the stress, and also “fitness” for the balance and good performance and creativity of their workers

The additional investments in the new world of work, bring a quick return since the performances in the office are positive, that is, the increase of productivity is reflected in the increase of the revenues. Faster communication and simpler processes lead to more efficiency. The results are visible in a higher profitability of the company.

The objective is to create the right conditions for a new culture and quality in the workplace, to ensure the economic success of the company and that these conditions reinforce the well-being of its workers.

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