Art in the Office

Great Work Environment – A plus for the well-being
4 April, 2023

Art in the Office

The office world, is generally considered a place where one acts in a rational and objective way.

In a place where people spend a large part of their lives, the atmosphere, the furniture, the space and the equipment should have an engaging and seductive effect for those who work there.

Businesses that care about their employee’s, plan office interiors in detail and turn to interior designers and professionals.

The ergonomics of the furniture, the lighting, the acoustics and not least the climate, must be healthy and motivating.

Although these functional requirements are understood, this does not mean that the employee’s emotional needs are met.

The starting point for this thinking is Corporate Culture.

Alongside design and communication, corporate culture is one of the pillars of corporate identity. Culture, Communication and Design, form the basis of the identity of any business, which is not a priori existing, must be created and continuously shaped by the company in an actively followed process.

Art is part of the company’s image, and is seen as an expression of the individuality and demonstration of creativity. Therefore, it is necessary to work in the decoration of reception areas, corridors, communication areas and offices with paintings or other objects of art that emotionally appeal to employees.

The appealing meaning to be transmitted, depends essentially on the correspondence of the image formats or objects, the spatial conditions, the harmony of the colors with the interior design and the appealing sense of the contents.

But that’s where the difficulty lies. In contact with art, each company has to find its own way, there are no magic formulas.

Where art involves people, the emotional state will be improved and contribute to motivation and well-being in the workplace.

The business world is rational and concentrated, but art gives harmony, sensitivity and the unsual, and even if done unconsciously, colors, shapes and textures are capable of influencing the mood and state of mind of employees.